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Dave Davies says he's working with brother Ray on Kinks project that may include archival and new tunes

Dave Davies says he's working with brother Ray on Kinks project that may include archival and new tunes

Credit: RG WilsonWith Dave Davies set to launch a U.S. solo tour this Tuesday in Collingswood, New Jersey, the founding Kinks guitarist reveals that he and his brother and longtime bandmate Ray have been moving forward with a reunion project.

Dave tells ABC Radio that he and Ray recently spent about a month working on various unfinished archival Kinks tracks, as well as newer songs that they began putting together a few years back.

“Ray and I are trying to get all these ideas together so that, hopefully, there might be a Kinks thing out at the end of the…year,” Dave reports.

Regarding the newer material, Dave says they’d amassed “a good six-to-10 songs” before the most recent collaborative sessions.

“I’m hoping to write some lyrics for some of Ray’s songs,” the guitar legend says, “which might be a nice idea, emotionally apart from anything else.”

Speaking about emotions, Dave wells up as he recalls how it felt working with his brother again.

“[W]hen we first started…getting together, Ray played me some tapes and I played him a couple of my ideas,” Dave explains, “and I found…it’s the humor, it’s the fun of it that came back. The flood of laughter and fun and silliness. It’s like, it doesn’t really matter, any of it, but when love is there everything makes sense and everything’s important.”

Dave also reports that original Kinks drummer Mick Avory is involved in the project.

Meanwhile, reflecting on the pressure he and Ray have felt from Kinks fans to reunite, Dave says, “[A]ll these great albums and…songs that Ray has written, it’s not that important, but…it is important…[I]t’s a tremendous, not responsibility but we want people to be happy…People have difficult lives…And being a Kinks fan can’t be easy.”

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