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Elton John talks playing charades with Bob Dylan and snowmobiling with Stevie Wonder on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Elton John talks playing charades with Bob Dylan and snowmobiling with Stevie Wonder on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Courtesy Henry Holt.Elton John‘s promotional tour in support of his new memoir ME, out now, included a pit stop on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he and Jimmy discussed his storied past, including snowmobiling with Stevie Wonder and a game of charades with Bob Dylan that didn’t end so well.

As Elton tells it, he was invited to dinner at Neil Diamond‘s house, along with Dylan, where someone suggested playing a game of charades.

“I said, ‘Great! — sounds like, two syllables,'” he recalls. “The greatest poet in the world, could he do ‘sound like, two syllables?’  No.”

“And he was on my team,” Elton continued, “and I am a competitive M F********.”

The result?  “I threw oranges at him,” says Elton, who downplayed the incident by adding, “They were small, they were Satsumas.”

Another gem from the Rocket Man’s past included a hairy incident at a hotel in Atlanta.

“I took my hair off, and then I heard this noise,” he recalls.  “And I thought, ‘I’m being burgled.”

“I was afraid and I thought, “I’ve gotta go see what it is,” he continues. “And I heard these guys and the lights went on. So I put my hair on, glasses, went in the corridor and it’s a water leak.”  Upon returning to his room, Elton looked in the mirror to find his wig “was on backwards.”

Other tales from Elton’s past included the time he let Stevie Wonder ride his snowmobile: “And we thought, ‘Okay, that’s another rival gone.”

Elton also revealed his remedy for stress: shredding paper.  Unfortunately it only created tension when he accidentally destroyed the guest list to his wedding that husband and manager David Furnish had been working on for two days.


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