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David Crosby launches new podcast, says he's about one-third done with his next album

David Crosby launches new podcast, says he's about one-third done with his next album

Credit: Anna WebberA new podcast series called Freak Flag Flying featuring in-depth discussions between David Crosby and his friend, author Steve Silberman, debuted this week at

The first episode, titled “Set a Course and Go,” runs for over an hour. Among the topics Crosby chats about is the new album that he’s putting together with his Lighthouse Band, which features his son and longtime collaborator, keyboardist James Raymond.

“I’m about a third of the way into that,” the 78-year-old folk-rock legend reports. “We have the songs. We have more songs than we need.”

Crosby says that Raymond has been coming up with most of the material, for which David has gushing praise.

“James is on fire,” he declares. “It may well be that James will write the whole record because everybody else can’t keep up, including me. I don’t really care where the f***ing songs come from, I care how good they are. And I’ll give myself qualified to judge on songs. And they’re stunning, the ones I got now.”

Crosby reveals that another new song features music that Lighthouse Band bassist Mai Leisz and her husband, acclaimed session guitarist Greg Leisz, contributed to a set of his lyrics.

During the podcast, Silberman played a demo of one of David’s new tunes, “I Think I.”

Crosby, who has released four albums since 2014, also talked about why he’s been so prolific in recent years.

“I feel pressure, ’cause I’m going to die. And I don’t want to, but I’m gonna,” he explains. “Before I actually [die]…some part of me is gonna fail, and then I won’t be able to do this, right? So there’s pressure on me to make as much music as I possibly can while I can still make it.”

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