Doobie Brother Tom Johnston shares Thanksgiving plans; says band is eyeing more full-album shows

Tom Johnston, center (Andrew Macpherson)What does a Doobie Brother do on Thanksgiving? Well, if you’re the band’s founding frontman, Tom Johnston, you spend the holiday with your son and his in-laws.

“My son got married last year, and his new family…you know, his wife’s family, is gonna throw Thanksgiving this year,” Johnston tells ABC Radio. “So, I’ll just be coming off the road, and we’re just gonna pack it up and go over there.”

The 70-year-old rocker points out that, usually, he and his wife and his son’s in-laws both host a Thanksgiving dinner, “but this year we’re just gonna go to their house because the way things worked out it’s just gonna be easier to do it that way.”

The Doobie Brothers wrapped up their 2018 tour itinerary with a pair of special shows at the Beacon Theatre in New York City last week. Both concerts featured the band performing its second and third albums, 1972’s Toulouse Street and 1973’s The Captain and Me, in their entirety, marking the first time the group has ever played any of its full albums live. Both shows were filmed and recorded for future release.

Johnston tells ABC Radio that The Doobies now are considering scheduling more full-album concerts.

“[P]eople have talked about doing it…at other places. Maybe out on the West Coast,” Tom reveals. “We’ll see what happens. None of that has been written in stone yet.”

Johnston also says the band might decide to do other albums from their back catalog at the proposed shows.

“[I’m] not really sure which albums we would do,” he notes. “We could move into [1974’s What Were Once] Vices [Are Now Habits] and [1975’s] Stampede…But once again, that all has yet to be figured out.”

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