Brock And Marci

6a – 10a

Mornings are LIVE, LOCAL, and FUN AGAIN!

Staci Lee

10a – 3p

Staci Lee is a Razorback alumni with a professional background in media and non-profit organizations. A mother of 2, Staci Lee connects the audience to all the happenings throughout NW Arkansas, including events, news, and topics of interest, all while playing more of the best hits of all time each weekday.


3p – 7p

Tim is excited to be back on the airwaves in NorthwestArkansas. You may have previously heard him in the morning on “Tim & Jeff In The Morning” (yep, same Tim). Tim enjoys crazy nights, Razorback game days, hoodies, and playing the greatest hits ever made while keeping you plugged in to everything local.

Mike Harvey

7p – Midnight

At the age of 10, Mike Harvey’s passion was RADIO. Filing records at his local station and building his first “illegal” radio station in his bedroom (the neighbors’ complaints shut him down in just a few days) was just the beginning of Mike’s career! Anxious to hear more “rock & roll music,” Mike built his own receiver by stringing a “spider web” of copper antenna wire throughout the neighborhood roofs and tree-tops. It worked! And his ingenuity allowed Mike to receive music from distant rock & roll stations throughout the country where now-famous disk jockeys influenced him.

On his 16th birthday, Mike received his Radio Operator’s License, and that same day, applied to the local radio station for a disk-jockey job…. and became “The Teen Time” DJ after school…. for a whopping $20/week!

Mike is the only three-time winner of Billboard Magazine’s “Major Market Program Director of the Year” Award and his stations have won the Billboard “Station of the Year” an unprecedented four times!
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